Pet Blow Moulding Machine

Pet Blow Moulding Machine
Product Description

Using this machine, hollow plastic parts and glass bottles are formed. Three kinds of blow moulding machine are:

  • Extrusion blow molding
  • Injection blow molding
  • Injection stretch blow molding

Plastic is melted down and formed into a parison. And, in case of injection and injection stretch blow moulding (ISB) a preform. Parison is a tube-like plastic piece with a hole in one end through with compressed air passes. Clamping of parison into the mold is done and air is blown into it. The air pressure pushes the plastic out of the mold. Plastic is let to cool down and hardened. Once it is cooled down, the mold opens up and the component is ejected.


  • Energy Efficiency
  • Short changeover times
  • Faster rates of pet bottle productions
  • Option of preferential heating
  • Low labor consumption
  • Uniformity in bottle quality
  • Safe and Convenient operation
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